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SOCIAL MEDIA is a powerful Sales, Marketing, Promotion, and PR tool.
It is however also a double edged sword that demands specialized knowledge.

  Contact for Social Media Help  In one sense, social media is relatively free, at least the applications and networks needed to support them are, but on the human resources side it demands careful attention.

You need considerable knowledge to ensure your time is capitalized effectively and not wasted. For example, many people think Twitter is a social media tool, and it can be, but not necessarily. Some of my clients use Twitter to monitor their competitors, and that isn't exactly "social" is it?

IT experts design and know SocMed tools intimately, unfortunately Geeks also often bring overwhelming complexity to the table. If you have a personal Facebook account and think you can easily roll this fun experience over for business use, tread carefully. They are two very different animals. I can show you how to simplify SOCIAL MEDIA and use it to improve SEO - search engine optimization, and SALES.

CEO & Executive Training for Social Media

I can help you manage BLOGS : TWITTER : FACEBOOK : LinkedIn cost effectively ...

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