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A Sampling of Our Products ... We work with all sizes of companies, from multinational, to small and private. Smaller companies benefit from the same expert advice our larger clients receive.

We are easy to work with, fast, reliable, and affordable.

Media, PR & Promotion :: when Media Relations is a top priority
Social Media :: Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, corporate tracking
BLOGS :: the most effective and affordable promotion tool ever
Newsletters :: online newsletters for business promotion
Service Companies :: wholesale, retail, professional services
Retail & Promotion :: small and large bricks & morter or virtual
Associations & Organizations :: private, government, unions, etc.
Construction :: commercial, civil, and residential
Distributors :: local, national and international
Ecommerce :: large and small company online sales strategies
Education :: career training, extended education, apprenticeships
Engineering :: electrical, enviro, mechanical, architectural, etc.
Entertainment :: film, TV, music, live performance, etc.
Food :: restaurants, grocers, wholesale, production, retail, etc.
Government :: municipal, provincial, federal, political
Manufacturing :: heavy, light, high tech, bio, assembly, feeder
Natural Resources :: mining, logging, energy, fuel, fishing, etc.
Publishing :: sales sheets, magazines, books, ghost writing, etc.
Tourism :: Eco, Urban, Photo, Attractions, Fishing, Hunting, etc.
Training :: employee, customer, instructional videos, etc.
Translation :: language translation for web or print

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