Change Management
It's not the strongest species that survive,
nor the most intelligent, but the one most
responsive to change - Charles Darwin

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Change is difficult for everyone regardless of whether it's on a personal or corporate level. You can't effect corporate change unless you have buy-in from everyone within the organization. You also can't force change because the process is easy to sabotage.

None of us like to change. We resist sometimes without even knowing. How we do things is literally hardwired into our brains through electrochemical synapses. Disrupting physiological and psychological expectations too can cause a response similar to withdrawal. There are also political reasons for resisting change. Our old habits, customs and traditions seem safe and are perceived to be dependable. "Why fix it if it ain't broke" is a well worn homily that doesn't fly anymore. If you stagnate in today's fast moving and competitive market you get run over. Conversely, change for the sake of change is not advised because the process is disruptive. If you go to the expense of implementing change there has to be tangible benefits.

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Short List for Change:
¤ Make sure change is warranted
¤ Ensure that change takes you in the right direction
¤ Have a plan in place to propel and support change

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