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  A growing number of companies large and small recognize the impact of online sales promotion and use it effectively to grow their businesses. If you have a less-than-effective web presence or none at all you can easily modify your current site or get a new one running relatively quickly.

Websites are very effective community and promotional tools.

Think of an online presence as a relay marathon and not a sprint. If you start slow and work up to speed it won't take long before you reap the same rewards as your more progressive competitors.

Creating an online environment that supports your current and well-tested sales process is complicated and often assigned to an in-house developer, often someone who learns as they go.

At Area46 we work closely with your team to simplify the process and clearly show you what works best for your specific business.

¤ Unless you work every day in an online environment it is very difficult to build in-house. Most companies simply don't have the knowledge and experience to do it cost effectively.
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