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  A promotional strategy is key to a successful web presence.
When designed and managed properly online promotion increases the visibility and brand recognition of your products and services.

The secret is knowing how to leverage promotion.

Promotion works very well online, but it has to tie in to a well-designed real world strategy. We amalgamate your traditional print, radio, TV, direct marketing and event strategies to leverage the dynamic power of your web presence. We design everything from print collateral, to press releases and radio or video spots. We also do it in a way that's specific to the medium. It's important to recognize that copy for a brochure is different than copy for a poster, radio spot and especially for a web site.

¤ Promotion is NOT advertising! Failure to appreciate this difference is the most common reason web sites do not live up to expectations. Advertising rarely works online. In fact it's regarded as crass commercialism that visitors can turn off with the tap of an index finger. Visitors to your site want relevant information about your products and services, and that's exactly what we help you deliver.

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