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Indecision regarding web strategy strikes fear in even the most confident executive. Why? Well ...

Rumor has it a 10 year old can build a business web site, which implies that if an educated executive muddles things up, it will look like they're not even as smart as a 5th Grader! Hence, total paralysis.

Another frustrating issue is time, which actually is a reason to procrastinate - almost.

We hear from frustrated business owners and executives every day who say they simply do not have time to assemble the copy and imagery they think they need to build or rebuild their web presence.

Area46 has a solution ... We do the leg work so our clients can focus on high level web decisions.
We also ensure our clients have all the relevant information they need to make GOOD decisions.

Assembling raw material (content) can be challenging. Through experience though, we know where to look, and with a bit of help from our clients we can do it incredibly fast to get your project started.

If a lack of information truly makes it hard to begin, we offer a *CONSULTING Service. For a nominal fee we will research your situation and then advise you of your options and the best course of action.

If you then contract us to build your web presence we'll *REFUND the CONSULTING FEE as long as minimum production criteria is met (call us for details). It's a win win that gives you peace of mind.

A web site is a powerful business communication & promotion tool you cannot afford to be without.

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