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Some of my clients have been with me for over two decades.

My clients work with companies like PG&E, NCR, the Olympics, AstraZeneca, Fairmont Hotels and a long list of Fortune 100 & 500 companies. One of my clients also advises high ranking politicians.

Some of my clients market products and services worldwide, and some only locally.

My clients count on me to help them promote and market products and services to their clients.
It is this community of trust of which I am so grateful and respect so highly.

I just wanted to thank you Maurice for the work you've done with our web site. We've been getting excellent hits during the last few weeks. We received an order from France, we have a meeting set up tomorrow for a potential new customer, and we just received a request from California. All of this is because of the Web site. Excellent job.
Jackie (Jacqueline Levy) President Robar Industries Ltd.

Jeff Ansell & Associates has worked closely with Maurice and Area46 since 1997 and we are extremely pleased with the quality of service they deliver. Their creativity and hard work provides us with a top quality online presence of which we are very proud. In addition, Area46 regularly crafts our e-newsletter, which clients enjoy reading. Their research ability, coupled with crisp writing style has made our e-letter a winner. In fact, our newsletter helps us considerably in all our new business efforts. Area46 has consistently met all our expectations and ensures our strategies are always realistic and effective.
Jeff Ansell President Jeff Ansell & Associates Inc.

The Ontario Construction Secretariat is highly regarded for our work promoting careers in the construction trades to Ontario youth. Our innaugaral web site was developed and managed by Maurice and Area46 and regarded by teachers, parents and our targeted young persons as being of high value, interest and effectiveness because it talks to our clients in language and a style they find interesting, entertaining and informative. Area46 provided excellent research, advice, and guidance to make sure our site would get the right messages to the target audience in a manner that ensured the messages were both heard and considered.
Scott Macivor CEO Ontario Construction Secretariat

Area46 was with us from the beginning of our foray into online communication. Maurice designed our first web site in 1998 and produced an internet presence for us that served our 7,000 members well. He delivered on time and on budget and also worked in our best interest to ensure we didn't invest in trendy, unproven or ineffective Web strategies. Maurice has a reputation for knowing what works. He helped us change the way we think about communication. Through our Web site and most importantly our e-newsletters he helped us communicate with members and prospective members in an innovative and cost effective way. We now manage our site in-house.
Len Zawaski Treasurer (Former) IBEW 353
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