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Solutions to Help You Leverage Olympic Momentum

If you're still wondering, or maybe even scrambling to figure out how to
leverage Olympic momentum in these tough times ... relax. We can help.

Everyone is hurting, including Olympic organizations, but don't be discouraged.

Smart companies, many with no Olympic affiliation at all, have embraced 2010.

If you
but still want to leverage 2010 Olympic momentum ... keep reading

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Here's a well guarded secret Olympic organizations don't want you to know ...

You have to COMPETE, in a friendly way of course, with Olympic organizations.

Here's how one Vancouver company did it - lululemon, the sport clothing retailer!
You don't have to go to this length, but there are many things you can do too.

They followed the advice in our book almost to the letter and scored Olympic gold big time.

For RETAILERS, unless your location is within easy walking distance of hotels and Olympic facilities ( The Olympic Zone ) spectators won't easily know about you unless you first reach out to them online and connect. They won't easily find you when they come to town. It is up to you to encourage and entice 2010 Athletes, their Support Teams, and Spectators to your location.

If you operate a SERVICE COMPANY, Tourism related for example, you also have to reach out online before spectators arrive, because when they do they will be so confused and pulled in every direction it is NOT likely they will stumble upon you. You have to make the first move.

MANUFACTURERS and PRODUCERS hoping to take advantage of Olympic visibility are in even more of an unfortunate position. If you have to pay for the Games, shouldn't you benefit too?

The Feds announced they will not provide sufficient funds to help local businesses leverage Olympic momentum or even help BC with tourism. Our governments are all financially drained.

The other sad reality is that VANOC is also cash-strapped, which means they have zero funds to help you. Consequently if you don't reach out independently, the Olympic parade will pass you by.

Keep in mind that ALL the buses and taxis in our region will be re-routed and used to shuttle Olympic spectators. This means ALL transportation will be pulled off of regular routes, which also means the Olympic tourists you are counting on to casually stroll by will have no easy way to get to or from your neighborhood. You have to make them want to find you.

Retailers in Olympic regions are always caught off guard and often disappointed.

The big secret is that this is exactly how the IOC wants it because if spectators never make it to you they spend their money only on Olympic products & services. Good for VANOC - not for you.

There is however a solution, and we address it in our book, Leverage Olympic Momentum

Retailers, Manufacturers, & Suppliers
Whether you want to leverage Olympic momentum independently, or sell products and services DIRECTLY to Olympic organizations, their Sponsors, Athletes, and Spectators, you must clearly understand your options and know where you fit into the hierarchy.

If you expect to profit, you need to know the
written and unwritten culture and rules.

You will also need trusted partners, and we'd like to be one of them.

Talk to us before you talk to them . . . 604.560.4419

Retailers & Restaurateurs have a tremendous opportunity, and some are already quietly capitalizing on it, but unless you take proactive steps to leverage the momentum it will pass you by. Sitting and waiting will not work.

The solution, fortunately, is relatively simple ...

You have reach to out online through your website to Olympic athletes, their entourages, and sports spectators, and make sure they know that you and your products and services exist.

Historical data indicates customers don't easily find neighborhoods outside the Olympic Zone, which means most retailers won't experience the big crowds that will roll through very select areas of our region in 2010 ... the secret is to reach out before they arrive and entice them with unique offers.

You need to do only two things to promote yourself to
Olympic Athletes, their Support Teams, and Spectators.

The first is to make sure your website represents you in the best possible light,
and the second is to reach out via Social Media through Blogs, Twitter & Video.

Make Olympic Athletes & Tourists an offer they cannot resist.

Olympic regions are extremely chaotic, and get more so as the big event approaches.

Twitter is a fast growing and powerful online tool to keep customers apprised daily of your offerings, and when you combine it with short video clips on a blog it can raise your visibility and quickly set you apart.

Tread carefully here though because social media is not for everyone.

Your company can also QUICKLY tap into the 2010 Olympic stream by advertising on websites that target Olympic crowds. All you have to do is create a simple ad and link it back to your website. It is incredibly easy, cheap, and effective to manage.

2010 will be nothing like Expo '86 ... Olympic crowds rush in, jump around in a frenzy, and leave as fast as they arrived. If you're not ready, the whirlwind opportunity passes right by and you miss the big payoff. People will be here to PARTY!

Learn more about Olympic crowds and their
idiosyncrasies here ... a 2010 Case Study

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