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FACEBOOK & LinkedIn are two powerful communication tools you really
need in your mix, but they should not be considered the primary tools in your kit.

Facebook and LinkedIn are secondary communications tools. For most companies they provide a good way to reach out to prospects, but they are not the most effective way to exchange detailed information or generate sales. Better sales style options would be your Website and Blog.

Facebook is a great social networking tool for personal communication, but it takes considerable knowledge and experience to transpose personal Social Media expertise into effective business use.

LinkedIn is also an excellent networking tool, and is relatively easy to use, but the secret here is to be able to leverage the time you invest in it in a cost effective manner. I can help in this respect.

I Offer a Variety of Facebook & LinkedIn Services;

1) Set up your accounts, train you to use them, and YOU manage them in-house.

2) Set up your accounts, train you to use them, and co-write and manage alongside of you.

3) Set everything up for you, research and *Ghost Write and manage it all for you.

* CEOs and executives often contract communication companies to help them manage Social Media

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