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SEO is a confusing concept for most people, and for good reason - it's complicated!

SEO is all about creating a web presence companies like Google can find & rank. Unfortunately, search engine companies are secretive about the algorithms they use, primarily because when unscrupulous people know how the systems works, they "GAME IT" and cheat their way to higher rankings. When they get caught however, and they often do, the penalty is catastrophic - a blacklisted domain.

The best way to improve SEO is to play close attention on a daily bases to what works for other companies, and fine tune it for YOU. Companies like Google also offer tips and recommendations well worth following, unfortunately very few web designers do, especially the inexperienced.

Bottom line; there is no real secret except for well written code, copy, and elbow grease.

The best thing you can do is create a web page and site that meets search engine criteria.
The next best thing is to create a web presence other web sites link to. Community is critical!

BTW, paying a fee to so-called SEO companies to increase your ranking is expensive and rarely effective. For the most part, it is highly risky and not worth the expense. We've rescued many companies from exorbitant monthly SEO fees after they didn't receive the results promised.

Contact us if you have questions about SEO. We can improve your ranking and do so affordably.

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