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Good web sites improve productivity & increase sales

PR & PROMOTION Backend Social Media Support for Public Relations Experts
Social media isn't as easy to manage as IT experts would like everyone to believe.

Do you hesitate when PR challenges require Social Media expertise?

When you have to manage a media-critical campaign, and you're unsure of the business side of Social Media respective of Blogs, Twitter, Facebook ... call me before you call your client - 604.560.4419

I've serviced the PR industry long enough to know (20 plus years) that many PR agencies, especially the smaller ones, don't have the time or technological skills to know an RT from a Twitter-Jack.

I help PR Pros with day-to-day Social Media public relations, plus,
my extensive crisis management experience gives PR practitioners the edge and speed necessary to mitigate damage when a client is about to, or has already reluctantly made front page headlines.

When reputations are on the line and reporters are asking questions ... you have no time to learn.

SERVICES for PR Agencies & In-House Spokespersons;

1) Get up to speed quickly so you can intelligently talk & plan Social Media with your clients.

2) Design and manage (crisis included) realistic Social Media campaigns.

3) While you handle Social Media creative, I support you on the technological backend.

Contract me to do a little ... or a lot. CLIENTS & TESTIMONIALS :: Email :: 604.560.4419

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