Maurice Cardinal - Area46 Media Communications
Maurice Cardinal
- Principal owner
Area46 Media Communications

I created a series of innovative online media campaigns for a variety of clients during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, plus managed events at Expo '86, and the '88 Olympics in Calgary.

I've also produced and managed operations at world class venues like Radio City Music Hall, the Houston Astrodome, many of the big Las Vegas showrooms (Caesar's, the Riviera, Harrah's, Bally's), plus countless amphitheatres, stadiums, convention centres, theatres, and studios.

Plus, I've managed operations for thousands of tv, radio, and print promotions around the world.

I have two decades of experience directing and managing projects with companies like Capitol EMI, CBC, CBS, Grammy Award winning artists and also Fortune 500 companies like Bell, IBM, and Eli Lilly. I've also managed special events in partnership with a long list of Canadian Politicians & US Presidential Teams.

Since 1994 I've designed and produced community-based internet communication campaigns for thousands of independent and franchised companies and have extensive project experience in Canada, USA, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. I have twenty years experience in the traditional world of marketing, operations and promotion, plus a decade and a half exclusively as a new media communicator, developer and advisor.

I am also the author of Leverage Olympic Momentum and have two other manuscripts on the go.

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